sf work (UK)

12.06..2012 | simple - sf change - sf performance management - oskarŽ coaching

Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke – our first choice when having in mind the Solution Focus in the business area... Whether you would like to learn more on SF change management, performance management and/or coaching, or if you are looking for first-class training covering these topics, visiting of www.sfwork.co.uk is a must.

Training- en adviesbureau OplossingsGericht Veranderen

12.06..2012 | sf change - sf management counselling - powers

Coert Visser (NL) and Gwenda Schlundt Bodien (NL), authors of P.O.W.E.R.S. model. Another great source of inspiration for development of SF practice in business and management. For more information please go to www.m-cc.nl or visit any of Coert's blogs - solutionfocusedchange.blogspot.com or articlescoertvisser.blogspot.com.

Louis Cauffman (BE)

12.06..2012 | solutions tango - family business - top management coaching

Director-Owner of the Korzybski Foundation, an international training institute in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with branches in Belgium, Holland and France.

Director-Owner of the Integrative Management Institute bvba, a consulting company that specializes both in family-owned business AND in Solution-Focused Board Room Coaching & Strategic Management for (multi)national (not-for) profit companies.

(Co)author of Solutions Tango, etc. etc. etc. ... For more information please see www.louiscauffman.com.

Solution Surfers (CH)

12.06..2012 | solutionsurfers - brief coach training - peter szabo - daniel meier

Are you a coach or are you interested in coaching? We definitely recommend getting in touch with Solution Surfers - Peter Szabó, Daniel Meier and other specialists on Brief Coaching and Brief Coach Training according to the ICF standards.

More information could be found at www.solutionsurfers.com.

Solution Management Center (AT)

12.06..2012 | günter lueger - solutions focus ratingŽ

Tools, techniques, methods... anything you wanted to know about Solutions Focus in HR management and people development. For more information do not hesitate to contact Günter Lueger, the author of original methodology Solutions Focus RatingŽ as well as of wide scale of other SF tools for managers and HR directors, or visit www.solutionmanagement.at.

John Sproson (UK) - in memoriam

24.06.2013 | sales mentor - sf balanced scorecard - solutions focus ratingŽ in recruitment & selection

Do you need to improve your sales skills, even if you thought sales wouldn’t be yours cup of tea? Do not hestitate to ask for complete sales methodology and further tips & hints, as well as for another piece of Solution Focused HR tools we have learned from John Sproson, who unfortunately has gone this spirng.

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