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12.06.2012 | solutions focus - brief management counselling & training

Do you need to improve your business? Have you already tried almost everything possible? – Have you met a lot of experts but the only outcome they produced was in-depth analysis of what is not working, most likely ended with a subtle note, that you could avoid your troubles using their management system? Or have you even went for any such system but the result is still poor? Tired of listening what does not work and who's to blame? Then you're in the right place.

Brief Management Counselling & Training is an expert on solutions developing, instead on solving problems. We are definitely not looking for what is not working, instead we are ready to find out - in cooperation with you and your team - what might work. We do not offer any all-fitting theory or system able to solve everything, most likely we are ready to investigate, how to get the most of the one that is currently in place.

Does that sound you like a fairy tale? Perhaps... Our story is called the Solution Focus Approach (SF) and is built on solid theoretical foundations, and also proven in a wide range of disciplines that concentrate on dealing with people - from psychotherapy and social work through education to the management.

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Problem Solving contra Solutions Developing

12.06.2012 | solutions focus - solutions developing - problem talk

What is special about Solution Focus, compared to other counselling approaches? The point is in different focus – instead of problem solving, SF concentrates on developing of solution… This is not a pun, "the difference that makes a difference" lies in the mindset.

If you focus on discussing the problem, you are facing a potential pitfall of becoming a part of it ... The problem is sneaky – it behaves just the same way as unwrapped candy in the pocket of a small child who returns from the sandbox – it sticks to itself anything that it's surrounded by. This way you can inadvertently become part of the "problem talk", which preserve undesirable situation.

This pitfall can be avoided, if you will focus on developing of solutions instead. You will define the desired outcomes, determine your current position toward the specified goal and plan small and doable steps that will move you a bit closer.

Most likely you will perceive the situation to be less desperate then previously thought. – You will notice small signs that resemble – even slightly – the desired outcomes. You will recognize the change is already happening… it’s just about finding what works and doing more of it… It is possible, as confirmed by success stories of use of this approach across wide range of work with people – from helping professions to business.

More information on Solution Focus can be found at (in English) or (in Czech).

SF Around the Globe

12.06.2012 | steve de shazer - insoo kim berg - solutions in organizations link-up

Solutions Focused approach has its roots in the therapeutic model devised by Steve de Shazer (25 June, 1940 - 11 September, 2005) and Insoo Kim Berg (25 July 1934 - 10 January, 2007), later founders of Brief Family Therapy Center, training and research institution aimed to develop SF theory and practice.

Due to its pragmatism and efficiency this approach rapidly became one of the leading models of therapy and early expanded into related areas - from the social work and case supervising through the organizational context to the business environment. From the beginning of nineties popularity of the SF approach in this field still increases thanks to number of enthusiastic followers. After 2000 was established the forum for sharing and building Solution Focused practice in organizations, the Solutions in Organisations Link-up (SOL).

SOL organizes conferences and events around the world to help people join the growing movement to use Solutions Focused ideas at work, in consulting, managing, training, HR practice, strategic planning, performance management, team building and organisational development.

SOL is not a membership organization. People can join in by participating in SOL events. Whether you are a leader, manager, consultant, facilitator, coach, strategist or other practitioner, welcome!

SOL is run voluntarily by an international steering group. The group meets at SOL International Conferences - if you are interested in getting involved, come to a conference, or contact one of the group in advance.

For SOL, sharing is the key word. The originators of the approach, Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, have not trade marked their work. Indeed, the SF approach itself is based on collaboration. It is important to us that SOL retains this generosity of spirit and the collaborative ethos. No-one owns the Solutions in Organisations Link-up name.

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