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24.06.2013 | project solutions


Uncontrolled change turns to a risk, controlled change turns to a project.

Petr Peniška, Owner, s2s+

As we are living in a time of constant change project management gains its importance. Whether your company is non-profit, for-profit or public administration, we are ready to help you in managing current projects, including those co-founded by EU.

Particular project management solutions are shortly introduced in following articles.

Creating a Project Team

24.06.2013 | hr project solutions

Does not matter what project management methodology you are using, or how sophisticated software tools you have at your disposal, they are not able to do all project management job.

The success of the project is significantly depende on carefully chosen project team. Not sure how to create a project team ensuring you have filled all the roles needed in particular stages of the project life cycle? Do you need an advice on delegating specific tasks to ensure team will work effectively?

With our assistance you will find the best people for your project. We will provide you with in-depth analysis of strengths and acceptable weaknesses of your prospective team members. We will help you to set up goals for their induction period as well as we will advice you on managing and developing your staff to become truly good asset for your project.

Performance appraisal and performance management using Solutions Focus Rating®

24.06.2013 | performance appraisal - performance management - solutions focus rating®

When managing a team ongoing feedback is very important, on the other hand regular performance assessment of your staff should not be underestimated. How to get ready for appraisal interview, preventing it will turn to a mere formality, or it will demotivate your staff?

For more information please see Performance appraisal and performance management using Solutions Focus Rating® in section "HR Services".

Setting up a methodology & process optimization

24.06.2013 | interal project management methogology - process audit - maping of processes- process optimization - sf counselling

Should you need to set up a customized methodology tailored to your project? Does not matter if you prefer PMBoK, IPMA and/or PRINCE2 / MSP, we will develop the best methodology covering all standard processes of project management, taking into account the size and scope of your project.

If you already set up own methodology and just fine-tuning of particular aspects of project management is needed, choose our services in the field of process audits and process optimization.

Counselling, mentoring & coaching

24.06.2013 | sf project management counselling - mentoring - individul supervision - reflecting team - coaching

Does not matter whether you are managing your first project, or an experienced professional not sure how to solve just one difficult situation that has emerged unexpectedly, why not to ask for mentoring by an experienced project manager?

Are you already an experienced project manager looking for improvement of particular competence areas? Do you want to develop your personal way of people management? Do not hesitate to subscribe for SF counselling session – you can choose either the individual supervision, or session with the reflecting team.

In case you are interested on long-term cooperation, you can also take advantage of our services in the field of coaching.

Interim management & outsourcing

24.06.2013 | sf project management counselling - crisis project management - interim project management - outsourcing

Are you overtaking challenging project nearly to fail? Or do you feel that your project is not in the right track? Ask for our crisis project management solutions.

Do you need to untie your hands for managing key project within assigned program or portfolio? Hire an experienced interim project manager.

Are you thinking of large training project or a conference, which is not your cup of tea? Think of outsourcing, we will enjoy to do your job, meeting all triple constraints of project.

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