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The quality of services you are delivering never could be better then people who are maintaining it.

Petr Chvátal, General Manager, TNT Express Worldwide

That’s why we are offering wide scale of tools and methods covering the most important areas of HR management and development – from recruitment & selection, through performance management to outplacement... Particular people management solutions are shortly introduced in following articles.

SF Assessment/Development Center

12.06.2012 | sf assessment centre - sf development

Matching right jobs with right people is one of the most important management decisions. Facing difficulties when looking for the right person, despite you are sorting lots of CVs and staffing companies are fighting to introduce their candidates?

Shortage of qualified job seekers is becoming sad reality for all EU. Ideal candidates do not exist anymore… However, deploying SF Assessment or Development Centre we can help you to find the candidate best fitting your needs.

We will provide you with in-depth analysis of strengths and capabilities of your prospective employee. We will help you to set up goals for his/her induction period as well as we will advice you on managing and developing this person to become truly good acquisition for your company.

Performance appraisal and performance management using Solutions Focus RatingŽ

12.06.2012 | performance appraisal - performance management - sf ratingŽ

Do you need to prepare for annual performance appraisals, or do you feel that your current performance management system is not fully fitting needs of your company?

Standard performance appraisals are usually quite unpopular both with appraisers as well with appraisees. Appraised employees often do not agree with their appraisal, as they perceive it to be inequitable, while appraisers are not enough skilled to provide balanced appraisal… This results to formal appraising interview upon the evaluation form that is going to be stored in employee’s folder (without any further use in praktice), demotivated employee and annoyed appraiser.

Solution Focus introduces a different model. Based on the assumption that one’s performance is varying over the time it concentrates on grasping these changes, stressing out the situations and circumstances under which is employee delivering performance on requested level (or even better).

This could be utilized not only during the appraising interview but during follow-up coaching sessions as well. As the aim of the appraisal is to emphasise the situations when employees are performing well, it is often very well accepted, and motivation of employees to further development is reinforced.

Using Solutions Focus RatingŽ we will help you to set up performance management system (or to streamline the current one).

SF outplacement counselling

12.06.2012 | sf outplacement - sf counselling

Although controlled downsizing is a standard part of modern HR management, dealing with redundancy is usually very difficult – both from corporate and employee point of view.

To managers whose teams are hit by downsizing, we therefore offer advice on communication in a crisis situation, handing over dismissals and/or motivation of the team during the outplacement process.

To leaving employees we can offer a mix of training and counselling services (dealing with the challenge of job loss, utilising of their social network and receiving support from it, mapping of their current professional experience, preparation of CV, information on the labor market, effective job search methods, preparation for interview), phone support (hot online for solving of actual issues, planning meetings and interviews, etc.) or a individual consultation at their workplace.

More of it, thanks to its nature, SF approach enables to design effective interventions combining methods of HR, social work and supportive therapy, which could be customized both for dismissed people as well as for their direct superiors.

The level of care for redundant employees is an essential part of corporate goodwill and employer branding... In case our company is facing a challenge of downsizing, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be glad help you to find a appropriate solution that enables both parties to handle this situation with dignity.

SF management counselling

12.06.2012 | sf management counselling - individual supervision - reflecting team

Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Do you need to develop your personal people management style? Do not hesitate to subscribe for SF counselling session – you can choose either the individual supervision, or session with the reflecting team.

Support in use of Solutions Focus

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Whether are you interested in applying Solution Focus in your own practice or you are already experienced practitioner, if you are looking for new methods and tools and/or more theoretical resources, or if you like to get in touch with other SF experts, do not hesitate to ask for our support.

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